Learn a skill that will take you through all the phases of your life.

Services Provided

  • Basic Writing Skills
  • Essay Writing Skills
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Fictional & Non-Fictional Material
  • IELTIS Preparation
  • Mass Communications Skills
  • Ghost Writing Skills

Specifically tailored towards your specific course needs (English, History, Sociology, etc.) for students of all ages (Elementary, High School, University/College)!!!

Our purpose

To grow and reveal your true writing and communication potential to assist you with your education or within your career; whether English is your first language or not!


Your time with us you will be spent molding you into a capable and confident communicator with great emphasis placed on English writing and communication.

  • Gain the ability to effectively communicate in standard English in any social setting, within your University/College, and throughout your career.
  • Impress your teachers/professors with your ability to debate and write critically in standard English using the rules of Grammar as well as a diverse vocabulary.
  • Impress your employer with your outstanding speech as you communicate easily with customers, colleagues, superiors, etc.

Break-Down of Services

  • Basic Writing Skills

Assistance with the writing process and research skills.

  • Step by step practical guidance on using the writing process effectively by industry professionals
  • Learn all the key elements of conducting research, and how to use primary/secondary sources in your assignments without plagiarism
  •  Essay Writing Skills

Assistance with the writing process, research skills, introduction, thesis, body paragraphs and conclusions – includes comparative, analytical, narrative, persuasive, etc.

  • Guidance and shortcuts to conducting in depth research on any topic
  • Professional guidance on writing analytical, comparative and narrative essays
  • Assessment of all materials written with prompt feedback
  • Business Writing Skills

Assistance with professional business letters, emails and memos.

  • Professional and practical assistance rendered for business professionals who wish to improve their communication skills using various methods, oral delivery, sending case appropriate emails, as well as report writing skills
  • Fictional & Non-Fictional Material

Assistance with the writing process and research mechanisms.

  • Writers! Learn how to build your characters and plots / subplots for your very own book.
  • IELTIS Preparation

Our team of professionals will prepare you for the written and oral examinations in detail.  We can get you ready to pass with flying colors!

  • Mass Communication Skills

Assistance with presentation skills, public speaking and public relations

  • English not your native language? We will groom and shape your speaking and communication skills so that you can function more effectively both at school and in the workplace.
  •  Ghost writing services also available

Do you have a book or other fictional or non-fiction material you would like written?  We offer ghost writing services where you relay your ideas our team of professionals and we put it together for you whether as a book or otherwise.