Here at Acct’s Tutoring Services, we are making a push towards online-based tutoring sessions; utilizing common platforms such as ZOOM and Google Sheets. So far, we have been successful in achieving this goal as 70% of our clientele basis is now tutored via these online platforms. Moreover, we have been able to expand our operations globally; educating students all over Canada, United States, and England to name a few.

The benefits of online-based tutoring include:

  1. There are a variety of teaching aids available via online based tutoring so we can tailor our teaching methods to the different learning styles of students These include: instant-messenger, text chat, Zoom, shared files, shared whiteboards and graphing tools.
  2. The sessions are conducted in the comfort of the student’s own home, providing a more comfortable learning experience. Also, online sessions offer shy students to fully participate.
  3. Flexible scheduling; Learning can happen at any time
    • Parents/Students save a considerable amount of commuting time. Since educators don’t have to commute, they can be more flexible with the timings and needs of learners.
  4. Today’s world is trending more to a technology basis work environment; where such platforms like Zoom and Google Sheets are utilized in the everyday world.
    • The skills learned during online tutoring sessions translate to many professions, including creating and sharing documents, incorporating audio/video materials into your assignments, completing online training, etc.

Online based tutoring is a natural result of technological advancements and education needs.