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Career Preparation

Advertise, Sell, & Grow Yourself with Acct’s Tutoring Services Career Preparation Program!!!

Services Provided:

  • Professional Resume
  • Professional Cover Letter
  • Social Media Presence on LinkedIn
  • Job Application Techniques
  • Mock Interview #1 with Inderjeet Jeed, CEO
  • Mock Interview #2 with Jasleen Gill, Manager


All services are fully customized to meet your unique demands and needs

We offer professional services in building and/or restructuring your:

  • Professional Resumes
    Primary purpose: To provide a quick summary of your skills, abilities and accomplishments. It is the perfect way to effectively advertise yourself!
  • Professional Cover Letters
    Primary purpose: To provide your prospective employer an opportunity to get a feel of your personality and your ability to communicate. It is the perfect way to sell yourself!
  • Professional LinkedIn Profile
    Primary purpose: A social media mechanism specifically designed for the business community. It allows individuals to build meaningful networks for the common goal of career development and advancement. It is the perfect way to grow!

We offer professional services in: 


  • Job Application Techniques:
    We assist you in providing professional, real-life experience techniques on applying for jobs.

    Primary purpose: To enable you to effectively apply for jobs on portals such as Indeed, Workopolis, and LinkedIn. However, also focusing on and benefiting from your individual networks!
  • Mock Interview:
    We provide you with two mock interviews featuring two industry professionals; whom have both interviewed 100+ candidates for potential jobs within their organizations.

    Primary purpose: A simulation of a job interview used for training purposes. They assist in preparing for potential interview questions, help boost confidence, assist in reducing stress and anxiety, and most importantly, they provide constructive feedback; which, in 
    turn you get to practice and apply during your second mock interview!